Aikido Yoshinkan


Although Aikido is a relatively recent innovation within the world of martial arts, it is heir to a rich cultural and philosophical background. Morihei Ueshiba created Aikido in Japan (1883-1969). Before creating Aikido, Ueshiba immersed himself in religious studies and developed an ideology devoted to universal socio-political harmony. Incorporating these principles into his martial art, Ueshiba developed many aspects of Aikido in concert with his philosophical and religious ideology.


Gozo Shoida Sensei one of O'Sensei's leading students founded Yoshinkan Aikido in 1955. Yoshinkan differs somewhat from other styles in having a modular approach to technique and instruction. The name Yoshinkan means the house for cultivation of the spirit. Aikido is not primarily a system of combat, but rather a means of self-cultivation and improvement. Aikido has no tournaments, competitions, contests, or sparring. Instead, all Aikido techniques are learned cooperatively at a pace commensurate with the abilities of each trainee. According to the founder, the goal of Aikido is not the defeat of others, but the defeat of the negative characteristics which inhabit one's own mind and inhibit its functioning.



At the same time, the potential of Aikido as a means of self-defence should not be ignored. One reason for the prohibition of competition in Aikido is that many Aikido techniques would have to be excluded because of their potential to cause serious injury. By training cooperatively, even potentially lethal techniques can be practiced without substantial risk. There are no shortcuts to proficiency in Aikido (or in anything else, for that matter). Consequently, attaining proficiency in Aikido is simply a matter of sustained and dedicated training. No one becomes an expert in just a few months or years.



Aikido Reishinkan

Yoshinkan Dojos are registered with the IYAF (International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation) as are the instructors who teach in them.

Reishinkan dojo is located  at 358 Dupont Street Toronto, Ontario M5R 1V9. just west of Dupont Subway Station. The dojo is not situated directly on Dupont but is accessible via a laneway.

You can contact us by Phone 416.410.4682 or email

Our instructors


Alister Thomson 7th Dan

 Alister began Aikido in 1974. He trained under Shioda Sensei at the Yoshinkan Honbu Dojo in Tokyo, Japan between 1985-1987. He graduated from a 9 month, full-time instructors course with the Tokyo Riot Police in 1986. Alister was the joint winner of the award for best demonstration at the 1987 all Japan Yoshinkan Aikido Demonstration, the first time this was achieved by a non-Japanese group.

Alistair Sumner 3rd Dan

Alistair began Aikido training in 1994, and also holds Shodan rank in Shotokan Karate. He enjoys teaching, and has instructed programs for all ages. Alistair likes the sense of balance given by Aikido and believes that constant practice in Aikido helps create compassion and happiness.

Jennifer Le Forestier 3rd Dan

Jennifer started training in 1999 with Alister Thomson. She has traveled and trained extensively over the last 12 years developing her Aikido. Jennifer is also a musician and music teacher and enjoys instructing all levels and ages.

Christopher Clattenburg 3rd Dan

Christopher has been training for 12 years primarily with Alister Thomson.

Try Aikido

Aikido is great fun and a good way to relax and exercise while improving balance fitness and concentration.


Everyone is welcome to try a class for free. Please wear loose comfortable clothing and remove footwear.




Cost per Class


Adults & Children over 14 years

$70.00 a month 2 classes per week

$20.00 per class (first class is free)



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