Recently I was introduced to a new kind of outdoor activities: riding motorcycle.

And I was hooked in seconds!

After I get on the back of my friends ride, I immediately knew that I’ve found a new interest for the next few years.

Riding a motorcycle is definitely a fascinating experience – especially for someone who has been after the wheel for more than 20 years like me.

It’s unlike anything else: when you’re on the ride, your mind was forced to concentrate to the surroundings and the vehicle that you completely forget about any useless things in your life.

If you’re suffering from stress for quite a long time? I suggest you to borrow a motorbike and go on a trip, you can thanks me later.

But besides the riding experience, I was exposed to another hobby as well.

The day that I went on a trip with my friends, the first thing that I paid attention to is their hands.


Because they have so many badass rings on their fingers!

I mean, not just any usual engagement ring or memorial ring, I’m talking about those badass skull rings with some of the most unique designs that I’ve ever seen.

biker rings for sale online

I asked my friends about that and apparently, biker rings are something really popular in the biker community. They said that those rings will not only complete their outfits but also express their uniqueness as well.

That fact made me really surprised because it’s not common to see a community embraces a piece of jewelry as something that represents them (to be fair, they are all skull related anyway)

But I’m pretty sure that even if you’re not a biker you can still appreciate them because of how badass they look. And because I’m so interested in it, my friends introduced me to a nice place that have biker rings for sale. That store really have some unique designs that I’m probably going to pick up down the road.

Are you interested in biker rings too? Let me know in the comment, I’d love to have a chat!