More often than not, you may find yourself out of ice at home. Maybe you have guests or family members over for an event. An average freezer does not have sufficient space for storing required ice if frequently use. This means supplementing your supply is key to solving this problem.

Under-counter ice setups are usually the best go-to household appliance. Here are some guidelines to aid you in selecting the top rated portable ice maker.

Factors that may affect your choice:

under counter ice maker reviews

Rate of production

Ensure you look at the rate of production of different models. This is in order to avoid buying a wrong type that will still require you to supplement your stock with ice bags. Manufacturers of these machines provide specifications for each type of model so pay attention to all details. Keep in mind these specifications are rated depending on locale optimality e.g. proper installment, ventilation, and surrounding temperature levels.


A big factor to consider is production rate to storage capacity ratio. This makes sure you have enough storage for the amount of ice you will be producing at a single instance. The ratio will be majorly tied to frequency of usage of produced ice. This means if it’s frequently used, production rate should be slightly higher, the converse statement is true if you require to stock up for an upcoming event at home.


A lot of power is consumed by these appliances when freezing water. To ensure consumed energy does not put a strain on your bills, look for a model that is rated highly by energy companies. Research online and go through all under-counter ice makers reviews you can find. Specifications of kilowatts used are usually provided by the manufacturers thus giving insight on prospected level of power consumption.


Choose this option instead of a portable design if space is a constricting factor. This means before making the decision on which model to go for, know the exact position you are going to install it. This also means you have to know size metrics and specs of the space to be used. If you are going to install it outside, look for a model designed to withstand different types of weather.


Lastly, make a purchase that is friendly to your budget. Ice makers tend to improve in quality as the price range hikes, this does not mean you should go for the most expensive model. There are a variety of budget-friendly models that do the same job as the ones in higher price ranges. The major difference may be capacity and production rate.

If you don’t know where to start then feel free to check out the list below, I’ve listed some of the best models on the market right now for you. Hope you like it:

Gourmia GI500 Electric Stainless Steel Ice Maker:

Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker:

EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker: