Portable Ice makers are the best thing to have in any party. There are many varieties of portable Ice makers along with the wide capacity and specifications to choose from. The advantages of the portable ice makers are they are user friendly, easily movable, requires less maintenance, and can serve chilled drink in the party on the go. So check out the best portable ice maker list and choose the best out of rest, which can make your get together or party a little appease.

best portable ice maker reviews

1. Igloo ICE- 103:

The Igloo ICE 103 ice maker comes with body consist of the Ice generator at the top and have over sized Ice bucket to collect. It is made up of Stainless Steel, which will prevent the corrosion. It has capacity of producing the 26 pound of ice per day and can hold up the ice up to 2.2 pounds. The best about it is you can just pour the water in it and get the ice in just 6 minute and provides the 3 varieties of Ice cube size and shape.

2. New Air- 100R:

The New Air- 100R is flexible in the moving and fixing. It comes with the elegant red color with stainless steel as a material of construction. The Ergonomics of the New Air- 100R is designed such that it is compact and light in weight. It has capacity of producing the 28 pound of ice per day. It provides you the option of 3 different sizes and shapes of ice cubes that you can prepare. It takes 15 minutes to produce the Ice. The standout feature that makes this one of the best undercounter ice makers is the automatic overflow protection, which is ideal when excess water is fed to the ice maker.

3.Avalon Bay- ICE 268:

The ICE 268 comes in the astral silver color and it is a mid range Ice maker. along with its aesthetics look it has automatic overflow protection. It comes with the indicators, which notifies when to add the water and when to empty. It prepares the ice in 6 minutes. It provide you the 2 varieties of the Ice cube sizes and shapes. Certainly, this is one of the best ice makers you can buy.